This Awesome 13-Minute The Dark Knight Rises Featurette Shows It'll Be a Truly Epic Conclusion

By Sam Gibbs on at

Just 11 days now till we can haul our arses down to our local cinemaplex and witness the lastest, and hopefully greatest, instalment of Nolan's Batman trilogy. If like me you just can't quite wait, here's a full 13-minute featurette to tide you over till next week.

It's truly reassuring to see Nolan out on set, touching things up and making sure all the finer details of everything are personally dealt with. Considering how good the two previous Batman films were, it's got a lot to live up to. I hope Nolan's Batman reboot goes out with a tremendous bang, which if the trailers and this featurette are anything to go by, it will. [YouTube]

Thanks Udimion!