This Bottle's Perfectly Placed Thumb Trigger Lets You Sip Without Spills

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As kids we're so eager to ditch the sippy cup to prove we're growing up. But as grownups we need them more than ever as a safe way to down a cup of coffee while driving to work. And Stanley's new Evolution ECycle H2O Bottle is the answer.

At its core it's basically a sippy cup for adults, incorporating a valve that prevents liquids from being accidentally spilled if the bottle topples. But what sets it apart from other offerings is that the valve's release is cleverly placed on the side of the bottle, putting it perfectly in line with your thumb while it's being held. That brilliant piece of design work means you can take a swig from the £12 bottle while your other hand is busy, without the risk of spilling it all over yourself like a toddler. [Stanley via The Gear Caster]