This Brand New Full-Length Trailer Shows Why Skyfall Will Be Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Hot damn do we have something tasty for you to ogle at this Tuesday afternoon. Q's back with the classic Walther PPK, upgraded, of course; Bond gets shot clean off a train, and MI6 gets blown up, again. If you needed a good excuse to get excited about the next epic-looking Bond film, Skyfall, this is it.

Even Javier Bardem seems truly badass as a seriously creepy-looking Bond villain. With this and watching Bond escort the Queen to the Olympics on Friday, I simply can't wait till October 26th. Hopefully the film will be just as good as the trailers look, and there won't be heaps full of horrendous product placement. But even then, I’d still go watch it. This is Bond we're talking about -- Britain's coolest export. [YouTube]