This Is What a Formula One Car Looks Like Cut in Half

By Sam Gibbs on at

Every wondered what's actually inside those sleek, carbon fibre-covered racing machines? Wonder no more, Sauber's giving you a glimpse inside one of its actual racers with this full-length car cut away, which took two whole years to painstakingly slice in half.

From tiny bits like the knee padding for the driver, foot pedals and steering rack, to the multi-celled fuel tank and entire engine and gearbox, Sauber have splayed it all open for you to ogle at. It's incredible to see just how much they pack in there, where everything is crammed in, and that they actually have an airhorn in the car. That's a bit weird, no? When have you ever heard an F1 car sound its horn?

Click the photo below for a larger look or here for the full sized thing to slap up on your wall. [Jalopnik]