This Is What a London Formula 1 Grand Prix Would Look Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

With Formula 1 at Silverstone this Sunday, we heard rumours over the weekend of a second British Grand Prix, actually in the centre of London. It'd be a truly awesome street circuit, as you can see from this virtual walkthrough with none other than Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button.

When I first heard the rumours, I thought it was a bit farfetched. A Grand Prix right in the heart of London -- can you imagine how much disruption that'd cause? According to Top Gear though, something similar was on the cards with the approval of both Boris Johnson and the City of Westminster a few years ago, but money was the stumbling block.

Now that Bernie Ecclestone's come out and said he'd pay for it personally, and Santander is obviously keen (you don't shell out this kind of money to create CGI quite this good without a serious motive), hopefully money is no longer an issue. The proposal is for a night race making it a Singapore-style spectacle, which sounds truly epic to me.

As a Londoner I've complained bitterly about the disruption the Olympics is just about to bring down on our capital city, but I reckon I can suffer a couple of days of road chaos to see F1 cars hurtle down The Mall at 190mph. [Top Gear via Gizmodo Australia]