This Is What Happens When a Car Jump Stunt Goes Wrong

By Sam Gibbs on at

We saw that insane real-life Hot Wheels stunt from the X-Games yesterday, which included a 21m gap to jump after a gravity-defying loop. This is what happens when you don't quite make it across the jump, and it's pretty painful to watch.

21-year-old Finnish rally driver, Toomas Heikkinen, piled straight into the landing ramp in a practice event. His car hit the ramp head on, flipped, and then caught on fire, leaving the injured driver struggling to wriggle out to safety.

Heikkinen only suffered minor injuries, including a broken ankle and abdominal bruising, which is, frankly, a miracle of modern crash safety. He must have been doing at least 40-50mph when he went straight into an immovable object -- that has seriously got to hurt. [ESPN via Jalopnik]