This Is What the Olympic Opening Ceremony Looked Like From a Performer's Perspective

By Sam Gibbs on at

Friday saw the official opening of the Olympics with Danny Boyle's colossal Opening Ceremony. From agriculture, through industrial revolution, to music and, finally, the digital age. Here's what it looked like from the point of view of one of the performers, turning green and pastoral lands into molten metal and industrial furnaces. Incredible.

Looks like a lot of work, and a lot of co-ordination. You can hear people barking out timing orders; see people ushered about, and witness quite how much work went into turning green grass to black metal.

Sounds absolutely ear splitting too; what a ride that must have been to be right in the middle of it. What did you all think of the Opening Ceremony? Did Danny Boyle pull off the British show of the century, or was it a damp squib?