This Is Why Google Now Is Awesome (and You Can Grab It Right Now For Your Phone)

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Android user has recorded a fantastic video interrogation of Google Now, badgering Google's new virtual assistant and life-streamlining app beyond belief. And it turns out Google's modernised search app is very, very cool indeed.

The way Google Now can automatically work out percentages will save us all many, many hours of staring at a calculator in bewilderment, for a start, plus it never skips a beat in a wide range of questions, from listing Bill Murray films to coming up with a number for the net worth of Angelina Jolie.

And there's some good news for those of you using other Android 4.0 phones, as developers over at the XDA Forums have extracted the Google Now file from the Nexus 7's "Jelly Bean" OS and served it up for everyone to install, although you will need to be running a standard version of Android 4.0 free from manufacturer skins and on a rooted phone. And parts of it won't work. But still. [Android Police and Lifehacker -- Thanks, Darrell]