This Island Tiki Hut Hides A Lot of Money

By Casey Chan on at

You see that phone booth-sized tiki hut made of bamboo, stone and glass? That's a specially-made building that houses the only ATM in a village. On top of that, it's completely solar powered, naturally designed for its island and holds a whole lotta cash.

The Tiki Hut ATM is in Bali, fittingly located on the campus of Green School. Because of Green School's M.O. of being, well, green, they wanted to solve their situation of forcing people to drive to an ATM 8 miles away from its campus to get money. But Green School didn't want to build an ordinary ATM—one that would mar the tropical island with run of the mill concrete and power sucking wires—so they did something different. They found a large stone to bolt the ATM machine on, built the booth from bamboo and used four solar panels attached to giant bamboo to power the whole set up.


So, finally, an ATM as beautiful and useful as the cash money it spits out. [Green School via Treehugger]