Timelord Your TV Into Submission With Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Remote

By Chris Mills on at

TVs can occasionally be troublesome beasties, leaving you stabbing in frustration at your remote. If it's anything like the Sonic Screwdriver it's modelled on though, this remote should be able to zap it into submission, while at the same time well and truly establishing you as a gold-plated nerd.

While it won't work on anything with a deadlock seal, this £59 gesture-based universal remote (Gesture-based? That seems a bit Doctor Who meets Harry Potter) lets you control your TV while at the same time living out your long-lost time travel fantasies. It looks pretty premium too -- die-cast metal and copper make a difference from horrible plasticky remotes. Don't be in any doubt, though, that this will alienate you from anyone over the age of 12 who happens to drop by when you're changing channel. [Firebox]