Toshiba Would Like to Sell You These Boobs Gadgets

By Kyle Wagner on at

Hello there, shopper! You seem like the type who would be interested in some breaststablets. Can we interest you in our latest Windows 8 breasts tablet, with the revolutionary Breasto Metro UI? It feels great in a sultry paid actress's crotch the hand, and we think the message that women, yoga, anything to do with Asian culture, and basically everything not nailed down or on fire is for undersexed manchildren to rutt with security and usability can come together to make great products is an important one.

If you're interested in more breasts laptops or a sexy paid actress on all fours in front of office equipment copy machines, we'd invite you to pleasure yourself to these other ads we made check out the rest of our selection of breasts products.





[Toshiba Canada via Copyranter]

(But honestly what were you thinking stop this this is so bad please stop.)