Turing For the Next Tenner

By Chris Mills on at

Alan Turing was a genius. So much so that there's a campaign to get him immortalised in a unique way -- by having his head emblazoned on our next £10 note.

The list of people currently shown on sterling notes is already pretty impressive -- Charles Darwin, the founder of evolution; Adam Smith, the founder of economics; and James Watt, the engineer behind the steam engine. Does Adam Turing rank up against them? Well, he helped win WWII; predicted oscillating chemical reactions ten years early, and, of course, was the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. As the citation for the petition that's been submitted says:

His contribution to computer science, and hence to the life of the nation and the world, is incalculable. The ripple-effect of his theories on modern life continues to grow, and may never stop.

I'm backing this -- I probably wouldn't be here, typing this up, if it wasn't for him. If you want to help, the petition's already got 20,000 signatures, so follow the source link and add your support. [turingonthetenner via Twitter]

Image credit: Images_of_Money from Flickr