Virgin Media Downloads Broken? Users Complain About Corruptions After Superhub Upgrade

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin has recently released an update for the firmware that powers its Superhub modem, with several users reporting new problems with downloads as a result. Are these the usual teething problems, or some wider issue breaking the internet of the nation?

Virgin's R36 firmware update initially went live on July 24th, with Virgin Media itself reporting that some users were seeing "temporary Wireless or Firewall issues" after applying the upgrade, a problem which was usually resolved by performing a full factory reset after updating.

The newest complaints regard some users who've now found their downloads mysteriously appearing as being corrupt when complete, which is wreaking havoc with media, apps and all the rest of the digital stuff we fill our various drives with.

Virgin's opened up a community forum thread for those experiencing the issue to report back, with several users confirming the odd glitch is indeed impacting on their connections -- although some are reporting that the problem in fact pre-dates the latest firmware update. [The Register]