Want to Feel Like You're Actually Batman? Grab This Free App and Live the Soundtrack

By Sam Gibbs on at

Having just seen The Dark Knight Rises I can tell you it's pretty damn good. Almost everything (nothing's perfect, right?) is quality. The soundtrack is another masterpiece too, so dark, grimy and atmostpheric. With this free DKR soundscape app you can literally live the soundtrack as you walk about your own city as if it was Gotham.

In "autopilot" the app will give you a dynamic soundtrack, detecting your movement, and turning the sounds around you into warped atmospheric noises. Typing for instance makes it sound almost like the alien clicks of some invading interstellar species echoing in the darkness. It's incredibly well done, and really does sound like you're actually in the movie, in the middle of Gotham, while you're just trotting along on your commute.

Switching to "manual" allows you to download things like free clips of Hans Zimmer and Chris Nolan talking about the score, as well as buying the full soundtrack and some cool sound effects using in-app purchases. It's currently only available for the iPhone, sorry Android users, but if you've got one and you're a fan of the Dark Knight, you must check it out.

Just don't get panicked by all the sudden noises and dark, scary, panicked soundscapes OK? You're not actually Batman, and if you tried to jump off a building to glide down and kick the crap out of some lowlife trying to steal someone's purse, you'll probably get your arse handed to you, or break every bone in your body. Repeat after me, I am not Batman… yet. [iTunes via The Next Web]