Watch 4,000 People Silently Stage an Olympic-Sized Water Gun Fight

By Eric Limer on at

If you're not big into the summer Olympics because track and field just doesn't get you going, infamous pranksters Improv Everywhere have a nice alternative for you. Their latest MP3 experiment takes on the Olympic games in a characteristically bewildering style.

Over 4,000 participants showed up at New York City's Governor's Island on July 15th to participate in this year's MP3 experiment, the 9th of its kind. Donning headphones and simultaneously taking commands from the same pre-recorded omnipotent voice, pseudo-Olympians took part in several ridiculous games which included implements like bed-sheets and time-honored skills like water-marksmanship.

The Improve Everywhere Games may not have had their own torch, or medals, but they were on tape-delay. And that's how the professionals do it, right? [YouTube]