You Would've Had More Fun Flicking Your Bedroom Lights On and Off Than Watching London's Shard Lightshow

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're not quite sure what we were expecting (something like Nokia's Deadmau5 lightshow extravaganza? Something like this?), but what we witnessed last night in London, as Europe's tallest building was officially "unveiled," was utterly disappointing. Perhaps it's the media's fault (and, err, ours?) for setting expectations so high, but as you can see in the video here, it was a severe let-down.

I quite like the music, but it wasn't exactly as spectacular as I'd hoped. Sure, lasers and searchlights beamed out from the colossal glass structure, but it was far from awe-inspiring. Maybe we've been spoiled by too many awesome CGI effects in movies, or maybe it was the drab weather or something. At any rate, I'm bloody glad I didn't haul my arse out there to go watch it in person.

Did you watch it? Were you rendered speechless by how laughably disappointing it was? Tell us below. [YouTube]

Image credit: Lee Rouse