We'll Have to Wait Until At Least July 2013 For 4G In the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

A bit of bad news I'm afraid. Our hopes and dreams of a roll out of the sweet waves of 4G isn't likely to happen for at least a year, and it's basically Ofcom's fault, according to O2.

The trouble is, although the networks are all geared up to roll out LTE as quickly as they possibly can, they still haven't been given the spectrum needed to do so. The 4G auction is meant to take care of that, but it's just not happening quick enough. According to Ronan Dunne, O2's CEO, talking to TechRadar, "the regulator and government have spectacularly failed to give us the spectrum."

Essentially, Dunne thinks Ofcom is dragging its heels, that it just needs to go through the legal bits of auctioning off the spectrum and make a decision about which way to go before the year is out. Unfortunately the LTE-capable spectrum won't be available until the third quarter of 2013, which means no 4G for us, unless Everything Everywhere can pull something out of the bag.

So, next summer then for 4G in the UK, or at least we seriously hope it'll be here by then. We've finally seen something else British and severely delayed launch, so there's hope, I guess. [TechRadar]

Image credit: Mobile masts from Shutterstock