What If Boris Johnson's Official Olympic Games Welcome Message Was a Tad More Truthful?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Cassetteboy's been at it again, remixing public figures into hilariously compromising sentences. This time good ol'Boris Johnson and the Olympics are in its sights. Here's a slightly more accurate Olympic welcome message that I reckon we should play to every incoming athlete and visitor.

People might remember, that before becoming the fluffiest, fluffhead-of-a-Mayor London has ever seen, Boris made quite a few TV shows. Thankfully that means there's an abundance of choice comments captured on video, ripe for out-of-context splicing.

Considering what a mess of officious clampdowns, and what kind of chaos the inevitable transport collapse is going to create, perhaps this should be required viewing for all those arriving at the boarders of our fair country for the Games. [YouTube]