Wikileaks Just Took a Massive Dump On Syria

By Sam Gibbs on at

Those who thought that Wikileaks was dead and buried with Assange on the run, think again. The whistle-blower site has just dumped over 2.4 million documents from the Syrian government online for your perusal, in a new custom database built to handle the sheer volume of leaked data -- its biggest to date.

The Syria Files totally eclipses Cablegate, with 100 times more data than the last government embarrassing dump. Just by watching the evening news we all know how horrific it is over in Syria right now, but the data contained in this massive leak will hopefully help us understand why and how it got so bad, and potentially how to stop it.

Interestingly, Syria's not exactly up on its antivirus; apparently some 42,000 emails contained in the leak were riddled with malware -- maybe that's how the leak got out in the first place. [Wikileaks via TechRadar]