Windows 8 Boots Over Twice as Fast as Windows 7

By Jon Partridge on at

Last September at its BUILD event, Microsoft claimed their new operating system would boot faster than its predecessors. Windows 8 is not even finished yet, but it's already proving that statement true, as it's posting quicker boot times than the relatively decent Windows 7.

According to an extremely vast study in PC Magazine, where they compared Windows 7 and 8 through a multitude of various tests, Windows 8 already shows a lot of promise. One of the areas which has a lot of prominence for users is boot time, and as the figures below from PCMag show, Windows 8 whoops its predecessor.

  • Windows 7 Startup: 38 seconds
  • Windows 8 Startup: 17 seconds

Now that's fast. [PCMag via TheNextWeb]