Would You Pay £25 To View London From the Shard?

By Jon Partridge on at

Even with last night's dismal lightshow, the Shard is still an awesome architectural example. Imagine rising to the top, and checking out the gorgeous view -- everything must look absolutely tiny. But what about having to fork out an extravagant amount of cash for the luxury of being able to take a peek out of a window? Continuing to receive a bit of stick, popping up to the top of the Shard is going to rob a typical family of four around £90.

While the view is absolutely breathtaking, it costs more than we previously thought, at £24.95 a pop for the adult ticket. Considering other destinations in London are cheaper, not to mention the world, that's piss-poor. Hitting up the Canadian National Tower costs a paltry £15.20 or so for a single adult ticket, whilst popping over to France and checking the view from the Eiffel Tower costs £42.46 for a family of four. Malaysia's Petronas Twin Towers are also a steal in comparison, with a family ticket costing around £44.50, and offers a much higher view.

While many of these attractions are cheaper and offer a different kind of experience, the view from the Shard must be incredible, and is definitely unlike anything else in London. But much like premium vodka, I don't think it's worth the extra cost. [Evening Standard]

Image Credit: City_Poet