Would You Pay £65 For This? 21,000 People Have

By Chris Mills on at

Ah, another day, another Kickstarter success story. After the Pebble e-paper watch took off, it seems like everyone's selling their souls on Kickstarter, with this 'people's console' proving to be the latest random big hit.

Ouya is the brainchild of (unlikely) founder Julie Uhrman. Her vision is for a games console that's developer-friendly and has lots of 'free' content. It's an Andriod box, built around a Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM and a small amount of Flash memory. Basically, then, this is an Android tablet minus the screen, with a controller thrown in. The features Julie spends lots of time talking about, though, are the friendliness of the console for developers, and the novel idea that all games have to at least start off as freebies. It's certainly taken Kickstarter by storm though, with 21,000 people ponying up a collective £1.6 million to get the thing built. That includes five people who forked out well over £6,500 each to have their names engraved on the first run of consoles -- I mean, talk about cash to burn.

Will an Android tablet console really be able to play with the big boys? I'm not so sure. It's a nice idea, and the developer-friendly approach is definitely a direction worth moving in, but I'm not certain people want or need a standalone Android gaming console. I also kind of feel that forcing developers to make games free will drive away a lot of the big names, as well as drowning the platform in crappy demos, ads and freemium games. Still, it's already got the required £610,000, and the dosh is still pouring in, so maybe I'm too much of a cynic. What do you reckon, is it worth £65? [Kickstarter via Kotaku]