WSJ: Amazon Is Testing a 4- to 5-Inch Phone

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Last week Bloomberg reported that Amazon was in the process of developing a phone. Now, the Wall Street Journal is going one step further, by suggesting that the company is testing a handest, and even getting ready to go into production.

According to those infamous "unnamed sources", the Journal explains, the device's screen is between 4 and 5 inches on the diagonal. The report also suggests that the device could go into production late this year or early next.

Whether, of course, the rumours are accurate remains to be seen. It's incredibly difficult to know either way, especially given the complete lack of detail when it comes to software — which is where Amazon's device will have to deliver in order to both excite consumers and fit in with the existing Fire.

One thing is certain: the Amazon rumour mill is in full force right now, so you can probably expect more details in the none-too-distant future. Let's just hope it, and the rumoured Kindle Fire 2, actually make it over to our shores this time. [Wall Street Journal]