Xkcd Spawns New "What If?" Site to Answer All Your Burning, Insane Questions

By Sam Gibbs on at

Xkcd's one of our favourite web comics, but did you know the bloke behind it, Randall Monroe, is one smart cookie? He's launched a new site called "What If?" that'll answer all your weird and wonderful hypothetical questions with physics, every Tuesday.

So, every Tuesday, Monroe will answer someone's hair-brained question, which anyone can submit, with detailed physics and classic xkcd-style illustrations. Apparently the site was kicked off because of the sheer number of these curious questions Monroe gets in his email every day, what better way to answer them?

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you tried to hit a baseball flying at 90 per cent of the speed of light, or other random hypothetical, never-going-to-happen questions that boggle the mind, drop by every Tuesday for another instalment, or ask a question of your own. [What If? via The Next Web]