Yes, There Is Actually a Song Called "Instagram Ya Body"

By Sam Biddle on at

Instagram has only been around for two years, and spent most of that time in relative geek obscurity. Those days are over. It's Facebook's. It's mainstream. How mainstream? R&B sex anthem mainstream. This is now a real thing.

The song is by Willie Taylor, a pretty-much-no-name whose previous claim to fame was being on Making the Band 4. But let's put that behind us, because he's just released "Instagram Ya Body," featuring Jeremiah, of "Birthday Sex" fame.

It's a pretty straightforward number: Taylor just wants his girl to turn around so he can Instagram her ass. Is that so wrong? He talks about how much he's appreciated her iPhone self-shots while on the road, but what he really wants now is social stimulation. It's not enough for him to appreciate that ass—she needs to "show these other girls that they can't fuck with my baby." And, it could get better: "If you don't mind this picture I'ma put it on my Timelineeeeeeee." Just make sure you have your primary email address set correctly, Willie!

You might want to debate whether it's creepy or not to upload pictures of a girl you're with onto Instagram for all of your followers to see, but shut up. This isn't about that. This is about Instagram going from a cultish startup for photography nerds to pop cultural fodder. Like the dubious LOL Smiley Face before it (and The Kinks waaay before it), Instagram is tech turned mundane. It's not a neat software trick or buzzy app. It's pedestrian. It's a verb. It's just that thing we use to take pictures of clouds and friends and butts. And that's pretty cool.

A request for Willie Taylor: in the remix, please talk about which filters you prefer for a booty. [Willie Taylor via Maura]