You Can Now Grab Chromium For Your Raspberry Pi For Even Faster Browsing

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your sweet-tasting Raspberry Pi just got a big speed boost courtesy of the new Raspbian build, now you can soup up your browsing even further with a brand new Pi-compatible Chromium install.

Famed ChromiumOS developer, Hexxeh, has worked his magic on a Chromium build, the truly open-source variant and root of Google's Chrome, releasing it in beta for all to surf the interwebs at speed.

You'll have to grab the binaries and compile it yourself, but you're already running Linux on the Pi, so you'll probably be at least partially familiar with what it takes to grab programs like this. Hexxeh suggests over-clocking your Pi, plus using a fast USB drive or SD card to get a decent browsing experience. It's still very much beta, and this is the first release, but it's a great step up for fans of Chrome -- this should make browsing on the Pi slightly easier to live with. [Hexxeh via Ubergizmo]