Your Phone Needn't Be an Anonymous Black Slab

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Ditch the black, faceless slab of metal, and pick up something that reflects your personality -- something bright; charismatic, and smart. The Nokia Lumia 900 lets you live more and do more, while remaining beautifully different from the pack.

With its 4.3-inch glossy AMOLED display, the Lumia 900 is ripe for watching movies on the big screen, or browsing the web at blistering HSDPA speeds. The front-facing camera connects you to your friends when just hearing their voice isn't enough, but swivel it around, and the rear 8MP camera (with Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash) can snap and upload photos to Facebook and Twitter before your pal has located their phone amongst the black generic slabs in front of you.

The home screen's Live Tiles show all the important news and updates, or act as fast access to the 100,000 fun apps available in the Windows Phone Marketplace; always updating with nary a tap on the Start screen icons needed, thanks to the intuitive way Windows Phone works. We're sure you'll find all your favourite apps on the store shelves, and your Start screen will still be alive with animations and updates that pull in the latest news headlines; eBay bids or train times.

Naturally, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all built into the Nokia Lumia, so all that's needed is for you to choose the person to contact, either from your pinned favourites on your Start screen (either individuals or groups), or from the central contacts hub. Your favourites' latest messages and news will be displayed right on the Start screen, for those lucky few you speak to the most.

With a crafted polycarbonate unibody, the Lumia 900 is available in black, white, or a brilliant cyan blue, and its Gorilla Glass screen will protect it against bumps and scrapes. While your friends will be singing the blues as their phones smash and crack, you'll be singing along to the Nokia Music app's free Mix Radio, which lets you pause and skip tracks plus save them for offline listening. And if you find a band you like, Nokia's Gig Finder will inform you of the latest big nights out headed your way.

If games are more your bag however, the Xbox gaming integration will keep your fingers trigger-happy as you rack up the points. No need to worry about battery life either, as the Lumia 900 has a high-capacity battery that will see you through the day easily.

But if you don't believe us, clamp your eyes on the Nokia Lumia video below, or buy one here.