19-Year-Old Faces Up to 15 Years In Prison Over RuneScape Crime

By Jon Partridge on at

Over the pond in the 'States, a RuneScape robbery has occurred, leaving a 19-year-old kid facing up to 15 years in prison for second-degree robbery and grand larceny over an alleged theft over RuneScape currency. Err.

19-year-old Humza Bajwa of Massachusetts, had arranged to pay over £2,100 ($3,300) for 4.7 billion in-game coins from Jonathan Dokler, who arranged for a friend, David Emani to deal the transaction. Bajwa, however, first attempted to buy the coins with an envelope full of fake notes. When confronted about the dodgy money, Bajwa then put a BB gun that resembled a real gun to Emani's head and ordered him to transfer over the coins. CCTV footage lead the police to Bajwa's door, and he has now been arrested. His bail stands at over £12,000 ($20,000).

RuneScape developers Jagex prohibit real money trading in the game, yet it's still an issue for the game and company due to black market traders. It all sounds a bit over the top for a game that is over a decade old and is the butt of many gamers' jokes. [ via New York Post]