2012 4G Launch in Peril as O2 Threatens Legal Action to Derail Everything Everywhere's Plans

By Gary Cutlack on at

The controversial decision to let Everything Everywhere launch a 4G network in the UK before its mobile rivals might still be undone, with O2 said to be planning legal action over Ofcom's ruling.

According to the Guardian, O2's owner Telefonica has written to Ofcom, hitting the UK's communications regulator with the threat of a legal challenge to its decision. Telefonica is believed to have said it's lodging a formal complaint with the Competition Appeals Tribunal, a sort of high court that rules over matters of competition and fairness.

Part of the complaint procedure would see Everything Everywhere barred from launching any kind of 4G service while the dispute is ongoing, meaning we could well end up waiting until 2013 for any sign of superfast mobile data in the UK after all. [Guardian]