3D-Printed Arms Turn Little Girl Into the Cutest Cyborg Ever

By Jon Partridge on at

And taking the Gold for most adorable user of an exoskeleton is two-year-old Emma, who was born with a rare disease known as arthrogryposis, which makes it impossible for her to raise her arms without any external assistance. Thanks to 3D printing, though, she can now slip on her "magic arms" to crush people lift blocks and play to her heart's content, whilst melting the hearts of everyone else. Bless.

A hospital in Delaware devised a durable mobile plastic exoskeleton, which is made up from the same stuff that Lego is made of, and enables Emma to make use of her arms in different ways. Thanks to 3D printing, they can also come up with a brand new exoskeleton every time she outgrows her current one, and they can also print off parts straight away if one breaks. Check out the video above to see it in action, and grab a tissue, as you may get weepy. [VentureBeat via UberGizmo]