A 4G Version of the HTC One X Could Be Everything Everywhere's First 4G Phone

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that we're finally getting a 4G network to call our very own, it's about time we got some phones to go with it. It seems the HTC One XL, which is basically the beastly-One X with go-faster, 4G stripes, might well be it.

You could do much worse too, considering the One X is a pretty decent entry, if a tad on the large scale for small hands. It's just a rumour for now, but the folks over at Pocket-Lint are adamant, and it seems pretty likely, what with the One XL blazing around Germany already. Unfortunately, the One XL doesn't gain a bigger battery to cope with the 4G power drain, so you might want to purchase yourself a battery backup or two.

Now all we have to do is wait for Everything Everywhere to start pumping out its brand-spanking-new 4G network and we'll be laughing, possibly with a new 4G iPhone on the books too. [Pocket-Lint via TechRadar]