A Multitool Designed For Any Bartending Emergency

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Some might say the only useful tools on a Swiss Army Knife are the bottle opener and corkscrew. And for those people there's now a multitool designed specifically for alcoholics that incorporates ten useful bartending tools into a single pocket-friendly enabler assistant.

Annoyingly called the Bar10der, the £30 multitool includes a muddler, standard and channel knives, a jigger, a reamer, a zester, a stirrer, a corckscrew, a strainer, and of course a bottle opener. It's sadly lacking tools for the end of the evening—like a breathalyser, some emergency mints, and a reminder for where you parked your car—but the Bar10der seems more designed for getting the party started, not ending it. [UncommonGoods]

Note: Shipping outside of the US doesn't appear to be available yet.