A Pill That Lets You Beat a Policeman's Breathalyser Is Such a Bad Idea

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'll admit, I've long dreamed of a pill that would instantly nuke all alcohol in your system, meaning you can drink all you want and then drive home (or roll into work fresh as a daisy), but unfortunately this isn't it. These pills just help you beat the breathalyser, reducing the alcohol on your breath, and are an insanely bad idea.

The Indian-made pills help reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed into your blood, which is a good thing, I guess. But they're being marketed to drivers, who might be "on the boarderline" of the drink drive limit, and that's a really, really bad idea.

You take the pills before and after drinking alcohol, which helps reduce the amount of alcohol your stomach absorbs into your blood. Vitamins and a drug called simethicone do the dirty business in your gut, and in theory, should allow you to drink more without getting absolutely bladdered.

The police and drink driving groups have hit out over the pills, and I can't blame them. A pill that neutralised alcohol in your system would be great for drivers, but this just temporarily reduces or masks the booze in your blood so you can beat the test. Only a moron would rely on these pills and go out boozing before driving home, but I'll bet there are an absolute butt load of people who'd do it, anyway, given the chance. [Metro]

Image credit: Pills from Shutterstock