Adobe Backtracks And Reinstates Flash to Google Play Because Strategic Partners Said So

By Jon Partridge on at

Last we heard, Adobe was pulling the plug on Flash for Android by taking the player application out of Google Play, but after a bit of pressure from British "strategic partners", Adobe has done a quick 180 and popped it back in the UK store. For how much longer, is the next question, as Adobe has said that the plug-in would be removed "soon".

The BBC was one of the partners that requested a delay in the removal, since the BBC's iPlayer relies heavily on the application. The BBC had nothing to say about Adobe's actual decision to reinstate the plug-in. The two companies are working on an alternative video player that will not rely on Flash and will make telly shows available on mobile devices.

Despite putting it back into the store, Adobe is not updating the application further, meaning that those on 4.1 Jelly Bean won't be able to use the Flash Player anyway. Looks like Flash is pretty much a zombie right now on Android, so let's just hope its put to rest soon. [BBC]