Adobe Flash Sailing Away From Google Play Today

By Jon Partridge on at

Today marks the end of the road for the Flash Player app on Google Play, as Adobe yank out the app from the store, with further updates only coming to those who already have it downloaded and installed on their device.

With focus turning away from Flash and mobile devices leaning more on HTML5, the days of Flash on Android have always been numbered. Especially since Adobe announced they would be pulling the mobile plug back in November, which was evident with Jelly Bean not having any Flash support whatsoever. Adobe stated that the days were numbered for Flash back in June, so, just as a handy reminder, beginning today, Flash will be pulled from the Google Play store, and will only deal out updates to current users.

Of course, it's not the total end of Flash, as Adobe is going to continue on with the desktop version as usual, and Adobe will still be lingering around the mobile market with apps packaged with Adobe Air. We're slowly getting there though. [Tech Radar]