Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 Set For September 6 Announcement

By Gary Cutlack on at

Monster stuff-seller Amazon has scheduled a big, global press event for September 6th, which we're hoping it'll be using to launch the Kindle Fire 2 and bring us news of a UK release for its Android tablet.

The invite doesn't actually mention any specific product, mind, but the tech world's been expecting an upgraded and larger Kindle Fire tablet to launch for quite some time, and with the Amazon Appstore set to launch in the UK any day now, the time's surely right for the jumped-up book shop to reveal an updated Kindle Fire alongside an international launch of its Android app store.

Previous reports have suggest Amazon's enhancing the build quality of the Kindle Fire range for this refresh, adding an exciting quad-core model with a 10" display. Which will be all the better to obligingly purchase your content on. [Techradar]