An Apple TV That Changes Channel Automatically When an Advert Comes On? Yes Please

By Sam Gibbs on at

TV these days is a bit hit and miss. There's the odd gem, but most of it's utter tosh. Thankfully, Apple's been thinking about our TV-watching plight. No longer will you have to grab the remote and scour the channels when something crap like Coronation Street comes on -- your box will automatically switch channels or pump out something pre-recorded to save your eyes, with zero effort on your part.

The auto-switching patent was awarded in a bundle of 29 to Apple (solid patent system in operation here, then) and describes a device, like an Apple TV, which automatically knows if you're going to hate something. I'm guessing you'll describe what you like and what you don't with a quiz, maybe it'll even learn when you switch manually (an "I hate this" button perhaps?), and then it'll filter out all sorts of stuff. Ads, horrendous chat show guests, crappy soaps -- anything and everything is fair game.

The patent describes a "seamless" experience, which cuts out the offending media and replaces it with something suitable, either live or pre-recorded, that blends into what you're watching without an abrupt cut-off. I don't know about you, but that sounds bloody marvellous to me. Something that knows what I like, cuts out shows I don't, even eradicates Piers Morgan from my screen, and nukes ads? I can't see advertisers jumping for joy, but if an Apple HDTV came out with that built in I certainly would, at least. [The Register]

Image credit: TV from Shutterstock