Android Apps of the Week: Organ Trail, Pinball Pro, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

Just in time for the weekend, here's another round of the week's best Android apps. If you can handle the awesomeness, we're giving you a zombie/Oregon Trail hybrid, an old pinball game, and much more.

Pinball Pro: Unless you're lucky enough live in close proximity to a bar full of arcade games, you might feel a tinge of nostalgia for old pinball games. You can squash that feeling with this app, which replicates the old Pinball games you know and love. Free


Organ Trail: It's been a big year for zombies thanks to The Walking Dead and bath salts, and it seems like the entire internet is feeling some serious longing for the 90s. All of that has been combined in the Organ trail, an app that lets you hunt the undead in the style of the Oregon Trail. Very clever. £1.91


DriveOFF: You may refrain from texting and driving, but your phone is still a distraction while you're behind the wheel. This app understands how tempting it can be to fiddle with your device in the car, so it automatically turns off all notifications once you start going faster than 10mph. Free


Regularly: This is a more flexible approach to staying on top of those tasks you have to do habitually, like changing your oil. It organizes them by priority, understanding that a weekly chore that you're five days late on is more pressing than a yearly one that you've put off for a week. And it will remind you of these things automatically. Free


Pops: Your phone needs more gifs. This app will make that happen, by adding animations to your notifications and messages. You can create your own or buy new ones from the Pops Store, and send them to your friends. Free