Anti-Piracy Law Firm to Shame Vicars, the Police and Arab Embassies

By Gary Cutlack on at

German law firm Urmann is about to publicly shame those it believes are guilty of piracy, with the personal details of offenders set to be published on its web site from September 1st.

To make this concept even more offensive, the company says it'll be targeting high-profile downloaders of copyrighted German pornography in the initial wave, with IP addresses that appear to be registered to churches, police forces and the foreign embassies of Arab countries among the first batch to be published for maximum impact.

Obviously this amazingly aggressive move hasn't gone down very well with the self-appointed protectors of the internet, with hacking team Anonymous stating it'll take action against Urmann, should its list of supposed copyright wrongdoers appear online. [TorrentFreak]

Image credit: Worried priest from Shutterstock