AppBlaster 2 Now Lets You Pretend You're a Space Marine Using an Android Phone

By Sam Gibbs on at

The original AppBlaster for the iPhone and iPod touch brought AR gaming into the physical realm. Now, AppBlaster v2 adds support for Android too, so now you can blast the hordes of pesky aliens to smithereens on your weapon smartphone of choice.

If you've ever tried the original, it works really well for a cheap bit of plastic. Strap your phone in the holder, fire up the free AR app, and defend your position in 360-degrees from  the legions of swarming aliens baying for your blood.

The aliens can attack from any direction in your 3D space, so you have to be quick on the turn and fast on the trigger. The shoulder stock will even fold away if you fancy free-handing it like a boss.

It's made of crappy plastic and could make you look like a right tool, but it's just £25 and could possibly be the best accessory you'll buy for your phone, or at least the most fun, I want one at any rate.