Legions of Weird Apple iPhone and iPad Prototypes Outed in Samsung Legal Case

By Gary Cutlack on at

The same Apple/Samsung trial that gave us some of Samsung's future secrets yesterday has now revealed a small part of Apple's amazing past, with around 40 hardware prototypes revealed as part of its ongoing battle to prove it invented the idea of glossy rectangles.

Apple designer Chris Stringer revealed the prototypes in court on Tuesday, illustrating possible Apple phone and tablet designs, some pleasingly chunky and clunky, others impossibly slim even by today's standards. They show that Apple experimented with candybar shaped iPhones, more traditional phone formats and several particularly ugly possible iPad designs, all of which were binned in favour of the models we see strategically placed upon the desks of the world today.

Stringer claimed Apple routinely creates "hundreds" of possible early designs for its products, some of which stick -- and some of which resemble awful LG phones from the mid 2000s. [The Verge]