Apple Shows Off Birmingham and Manchester, But Can't Spell Doncaster

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're still waiting for London and other major cities in the UK to get 3D-ified, but in the meantime, Apple's latest iOS 6 beta has brought with it glorious views of Birmingham and Manchester. It's just a shame "Duncaster" isn't quite the correct spelling.

The 3D buildings within Apple Maps are actually really impressive. The models aren't just square boxes with image overlays. The Bullring, for instance, has a genuinely curvy side to it -- it's just a pity you can't take your view down to street level. Still, once iOS 6 has officially hit your iPhone or iPad, hopefully we'll have a fully-fledged Google Maps app written by Google to take you on your street-level tours.

Let's hope Doncaster gets some attention. I guess Apple Maps are still in beta, but "Duncaster"? That's just a bit crap, Apple. [Via 9to5Mac]

Thanks Howard and Chris!