Apple's New, Smaller iPad Will Reportedly Be Called the iPad Mini, and Will Appear In October

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like Apple's incoming smaller-screened iPad really will be called the iPad mini, if rumours are to be believed -- not exactly an innovative name, but why complicate things, I guess. What looks like an Apple-authorised "leak" also confirms the rumour -- the iPad Mini will poke its head out in October, so not to clash with the iPhone 5.

Apple has a history with "mini" the iPod mini was a roaring success until it had its heart ripped out by the iPad nano, of course. And it makes total sense not to crash one product launch with another from Apple's point of view. It's interesting, though, that it basically looks like Apple's pushing out "controlled leaks". That's a new tactic from Cupertino, or at least, it's new that it's so blatant. Maybe all those iPhone 5 leaks were on purpose too, to buoy Apple's stock? If you can't plug the holes, at least you can try and control what gets leaked, I guess. [AllThingsD, Macotakara via Cnet]