At Least Hackers Reckon BlackBerrys are Still Worth Something

By Jon Partridge on at

Ah the BlackBerry. Once upon a time it was a global icon that was in the hands of essentially every celebrity and businessman, but now? The line sits at the bottom of the pile looking up at the might of the iPhone and Android handsets. But apparently, some hackers think it's still worth a punt in the malware department, and have crafted a package that will unleash a Zeus malware variant on BlackBerry devices.

Kaspersky has identified five new Zeus-in-the-mobile (ZitMo) files that have appeared around Europe, according to a post from Securelist. While one does target Android devices, the other four look to cause havoc on unsuspecting BlackBerry users.

The files target unwary RIM-types in Germany, Italy, Spain and France, with command and control numbers that track back to Sweden. So what happens if the attack is successful? Well, it's designed to redirect financial verification code messages to the Swedish command and control number, and it also lets the hacker know that the malware has successfully been installed.

I'm guessing the hackers are attempting to get some money from rich businessmen (or maybe even Usian Bolt!), but I have a feeling they're only going to get a few pennies from broke Tumblr tweens that still lavish their BlackBerrys. [Securelist via The Register]

Image credit: Malware from Shutterstock