Average Broadband Speed in the UK is Now Up to a Whopping 9Mbps

By Jon Partridge on at

According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is now 9Mbps, marking a 150 per cent increase in speeds since the regulator started measuring speeds back in 2010 making our downloads a helluva lot faster.

Two years ago the average speed was a rather paltry 3.8Mbps, but has crept up to the faster speeds we see today. But it's not just down to faster packages offered by providers like Virgin Media and BT's Infinity service, but also due to network upgrades by service providers which have also helped to boost the average speed. Ofcom says that people are benefiting from the additional infrastructure that providers have added to support the premium speeds at little cost to consumers.

The UK has also been hankering for faster, speedier broadband since many online services utilise the rapid speed and bandwidth to deliver heavy hitting content such as video on demand or online game playing. People are wanting their Netflix fix, and they are wanting it as quickly and as fast as possible. [TechRadar]

Image credit: Broadband use from Shutterstock