Be the Laziest "Chef" Ever With Jamie Oliver's New Philips Home Cook

By Sam Gibbs on at

Philips has made the lazy-man's dream come true with a gadget that does all the cooking for you. From slicing, to boiling, braising, steaming or frying, the Home Cook will apparently do it all, stirring as it goes.

The idea is you set it and forget it, which, frankly, is my kind of cooking. The Home Cook controls the temperature for you, all on an automated timer, and keeps it stirring while you're away watching Midsomer Murders re-runs, slouched in front of the TV. Once it's done you can even whack it straight into the dishwasher for cleaning-free cooking. Jamie Oliver's apparently had a hand in this too, but whether that makes you want to buy this thing more or less, well, that's up to you.

This kind of convenience won't come cheap though, as the Home Cook will set you back a whopping £300, and that's without the add-on thing that slices and dices too. Still, if you want the ultimate in lazy cooking, it'll be available from September 14th exclusively in John Lewis.