Beats Gives LOCOG the Finger, and Shoehorns Its Headphones Onto Athletes' Ears

By Sam Gibbs on at

The IOC and LOCOG have been trying their best to block any and all other products from getting on TV, or being associated with the Olympics to protect the official sponsors. That didn't stop Beats though; it sneakily gifted Team GB and others with headphones, which they promptly wore on TV (as you may well have notiched!), showing that ambush-marketing is alive and well, and that they have no fear about beating the Olympics brand police.

Tom Daley was pictured wearing the fancy union jack-pimped Beats, while footballers, tennis players and other Team GB members have tweeted about Beats, which were promptly removed once word got out of Beats' clever tactics, of course.

I have a feeling the GB Team might catch some flak for this, but it's a bloody good stunt by Beats to get around the totally ridiculous official sponsor-only crackdown by the Olympics brand police. [Channel 4]