BlackBerry 10 Will 'Win' Against iPhone and Android...Says RIM

By Jon Partridge on at

Boy, I really wonder what they're doing over there in Waterloo. First they're selling off their jets, and now they're saying they're going to 'win' against the iPhone and Android? I would never have guessed the BlackBerry maker was in the stand-up comedy business. But apparently, they're "not here to fight for third or fourth place." Hmm, we'll see about that.

Research In Motion boss Thorsten Heins has a feeling that BlackBerry 10 will rescue the company despite delays (and questions over him being rather delusional.)  Speaking to Bloomberg, Heins stated that "We're here to win" -- apparently he wasn't joking.

Of course, whether or not RIM will rise up and become the top dog is yet to be seen, but from once a mighty giant that failed to evolve with the rest of the market, BlackBerry 10 must do something incredibly drastic to even put it in contention with the heavyweights of the smartphone world. Still, the smartest thing the company could do is to talk about licensing, as many users are still big fans of the platform, mostly for the use of BBM, including Usain Bolt.

Still, with BlackBerry 10 still not expected until early next year, this fight looks to be a long, uphill struggle, but you never know what's going to happen. Perhaps this is the precursor to the real life sequel to this video, and RIM will rise up against its oppressors. Then again, pigs could fly. [Bloomberg via Cnet Crave]