Blizzard's Hacked and Slashed

By Jon Partridge on at

Potentially up there with the 10 Worst Hacks of All Time, Blizzard's venerable has been compromised, with oodles of passwords and e-mail addresses potentially spilling out into the hands of hackers. Oops.

Blizzard's security team found unauthorised and illegal access to their internal networks, and took steps to close off the intrusion. While there has been no evidence to suggest that any financial information, such as credit cards, billing addresses or names have been compromised, it's still a good idea to, you know, change your password.

What Blizzard do know, is the data that was illegally accessed includes a list of email addresses for global users outside of China. Blizzard state that for players on North American servers, the answer to the personal security question and information relating to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators were also accessed. The company does state, however, that this information is not enough for anyone to gain access to any accounts.

Blizzard recommend, as a precaution, to simply change your password, and any accounts related to said password. Blizzard has not said anything about the European side, but with any common sense, it's worth changing your password. [Blizzard via Forbes]

Image credit: Hackers from Shutterstock