Boris Johnson Stuck on a Zip-Line Is the Biggest Olympic Attraction of the Day

By Sam Gibbs on at

Oh dear, Boris. The fluffy-headed Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, went a bit too far in trying to show his devotion to the Olympics. He got stuck halfway down a zip-line, making a right tit of himself, union jacks in hand.

Johnson was taking a trip down the BT London Live Victoria Park zip-line when he stopped, stuck dangling in mid-air waving two union flags. It's unknown whether that was his intention, or whether it really was a line malfunction, but you have to admire the Mayor's have-a-go spirit.

No matter how awkward, or goofy he might look, he never holds his punches, and isn't afraid to make a right idiot out of himself. Brilliant I say -- best part of the Olympics so far. [Twitter]

Image credits: BT London Live and Rebecca Denton